“The Anna Show Great Indian Thamasha” –few facebook comments

About Anna Show or “great indian thamasha”

Script Prasanth Bhushan
Direction :Kian Bhedi
Fight :Agnives and team[now calming for royalty cheated by the Director and script writer]
Hero :Anna Hasare [a local shoe fame actor trying his luck in a big reality show]
Trailer :http://youtu.be/9f_h7s8dqUQ
villan :India and its public [its govt,elected MPs,people voted for them,court]
supporting actors :Media[some channels and news papers]
Item dancer :Bahaba Ramdev[six pack show,belly dance,etc]
you must not miss this show.a block buster show .first time in Indian media

This are few post that i have made during the most comic events named as “Anna show”.
Prasanth Ramachandran
anna hasare got a chance to end his fast at last.he is getting used by others.poor old man was just looking for some public attention.this is a “peeply live” show……media is paid for doing this.@ the end of the show people should think what general public achieved through this show…??????/
August 28 at 11:25am

Tapas Barman Don’t u support this movement??????????????????????????????????
August 28 at 12:41pm · Like

Pk Vinod Menon i think u are an idiot than a fool, is this your words or pasted?
August 28 at 12:46pm · Like · 1 person

Vijesh P Kuttiyeri yaa u r rite prasanth….
August 28 at 6:26pm · Like

Nagendra Singh prasanth sir is right…”boss is always right”
August 28 at 8:01pm · Like

Prasanth Ramachandran this are my words….one “jan lok pal bill” is not going to make any changes.one more rule over existing rules.we have seen this many times.this issue gave a chance for few people to show them self.am not against a good movment.am against the people who made this show and used the public for their personal benifit.please ask ur self what you got at the end of the show. or what are you gona get????let use change ourself.and instead of fasting let us decide that we will not pay bribe and we will not use our influence for getting any favoers or services no matter what ever is the requirement is…if they take bribe we pay it..if they recommend some one who dont deserve we make them to do so…so let us start changing ourself.Pk Vinod Menon thanks for your response..and thanks for all others for their comments
August 28 at 9:07pm · Like

Moiz Sudanwala Good Words Prashant…it was like T20 Cricket Show was going on News Channels for all these 13 days.
Monday at 7:01am · Like

Sajeesh Nambissan &%*&^%*&..vivaramilathavane..if people can control themselves why we need such a constitution and goverment?y we need cops?and if it is a show?Ghandi also showed alot…and you deserve a Hitler rule..
Monday at 10:41am · Like · 1 person

Tapas Barman Prashanth sir, u r point fingering on a person who is ready 2 die for the sake of nation. Plz remembr anna s not baba ramdev.
U r right whn u said lokpal alone cant completely wipe out corruption but a strong law like lokpal s certainly one solution out of many.
Monday at 8:06pm · Like · 1 person

Daniel Praveen Kumar Merely for public attention i don’t think anybody would be ready to die… anna hazare has a track record of fighting corruption in his homeland-maharashtra and the village he lives in is corruption-free, debt free with abundant water supply etc and a model village by many means….if the intention is good why not support??? after all majority of the politicians no matter what party they belong are corrupt. We can swear not to give bribes to anybody but what about the politicians??? This bill was first introduced in 1960s, till now none of the govts. came n went wanted to pass it becos of its strong anti-corruption rules n regulations…REMEMBER WE INDIANS LEAD AS THE HIGHEST DEPOSITORS IN SWISS BANK AND ALSO LEAD AS ONE OF THE NATIONS WITH HIGHEST POVERTY RATE- IN INDIA, THE RICH GETS RICHER N POOR GETS POORER! OF COURSE, THE BILL IS ONLY A FIRST STEP IN A 1000 TO GO, BUT ISN’T SOMETHING BETTER THAN THAN NOTHING??? How long will we see the politicians n high end men loot the nation???
AFTER ALL MAJORITY OF US R THOSE WHO FROWN AT INJUSTICE OR GRUMBLE WITHIN OURSELVES OR AT LEAST LAMENT WITHIN THE 4 WALLS OF OUR SPACE. IF 1 PERSON DARED TO PUBLICLY OBJECT INJUSTICE, WHY NOT SUPPORT?? (But personnally, i doubt how successful this anti-corruption campaign wud be… the govt. can always prolong for ages the passing of this bill-thus bringing everything back to square one).
Tuesday at 1:16pm · Like

Prasanth Ramachandran One simple question.What you know about “Lok pal bill” ,Jan lok pal bill and auna roys lokpal bill + other lok pal bills tabled before this.Do you think one bill will be one sheet of paper with three clauses in it.Anna hasare team threatened the democracy of india.He is old ,he was waring simple so called “Gandien dresses” and he talks about anti corruption.If 120 cores of people submits their bills ans keeps a gun on their head and says that if this bill is not passed we will kill our self then india will no longer be a single nation.people are uncertain about global economy.because we are going through the crisis for a long time now.Kiran bedi, prasanth bhushan and other used anna hasare(that poor old man)as a weapon for their purpose.all of you clapped for it.do you think any Chanel would dedicate a day of their valuable time for a news that one person is fasting against Govt.It was completely panned.Media was paid for publishing and showing this like a Advt.if you are against corruption dont bribe any one and do not use your influences to get anything.and register complaints when some one is doing the same.We are still not ready to go through the system.With out following system how can you blame the system.in a way i will call anna hasare team ” an anti national element” which should be eliminated.because they poured money to weaken the state.Each MP in parliament is elected by getting lacks of votes.They represent lacks of peoples proved trust.if some one wish you take responsibility of governing india they should not attack from behind.They should attain voting rights by participating in election.Indian parliament ant take decisions for individuals or for mere emotional feelings created by media.It has a system.Do you think “Jan lok pal bill ” as it is now will win a vote in parliament.???.any india citizen can give suggestion to it as “anna hasare”.not by saying that if my point is not included it will kill myself….we this generation never suffered the problems.because we do live in democratic country.let us protect it as it is.Atleast i dont want to give up my rights to any “anna Hasare”.Let us watch the news rather than believing all as they say.[coz they are paid for creating history as some one needs it].I suggest all of you to be piratical sense full than being emotional….Let us be the change that we wish you see in others….
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Prasanth Ramachandran ‎Sajeesh Nambissan ….da…why we need military when every month terrorists blasts some bombs in major cites??????? why we should pay to army men like you when our parliament or Mumbai is always under threat.When people should take care of them self ,it is better to give the freedom and weapons.let them kill any one whom they suspect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….Hope you will under stand it in actual sense[!!!].military buddy pora common sense venam…. 🙂

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Back to work

hi all,
Yesterday onwards am back to work.Now with Cognizant Technology Solutions.In Chennai Training Academy.The facilities are good here.After 3 months am back here.Feeling lazy because of a long break.
Looking forward to a wonderful session here.


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India Won The World Cup 2011

Dear all,

please visit my blog to read about world cup 2011 victory of India


please visit and comment your views………..


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It is a World Cup Final Day

Today is dedicated to watch ICC World Up Cricket Final India V/s Sreelanka.It is the first time  two South Asian Countries and playing in Wc Final.Indias are playing their third world cup final.In 1983 april second they were the winners under Kapil Dev.In 2003 under Savurav Ganguly we played till the final very well.But we lost it in the final against Australia.This time we beat them and pakistan to get in to the final.Even though Dohni is not a good caption or batsman luck has favored him a lot till this day. Hopefully he will be a caption who raised both t20 and one day world cups.For sachin also this could be his last world cup.More over it happens in Mumbai-india.Home ground of sachin.Cricket is like a religion in India.Even though he is not the highest run scorer Yuvraj deserves man of the series if  India wins today for his all round performance.Let me go back to the match.don’t wana miss a any moment of this match.Hope for the best,prepare for the worst…..

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Raise Your Voice-Hilary Duff

hi all,

Just finished watching “Raise Your Voice”.A wonderful movie filled with music.The Last song is really amazing.One thing is the movie is bit slow.It has taken its nice time to take you to that mood.I think its time to to sleep(!!!).Catch you all later…..

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just another day in chennai

hi all,

Just another day in chennai-the hot(?) city of south.People are very good hearted and friendly.But climate here is really hot.am just board  here in flat.I feel the internet is not so big as i thought because of hours of browsing.Hopefully i will be busy by next week.When you are at work you feel to take a break.When you are on a break you feel to get back to work.I will keep you posted later.Time to sleep or watch a movie…. 🙂

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